Quest Visual is pleased to make several announcements today regarding our real-time language translation app, Word Lens:

  • Word Lens is now available for Android, download it from Google Play.
  • We now offer English ⇆ Italian in addition to English ⇆ French and English ⇆ Spanish.
  • Language packs now include translation in both directions.  Users who purchased one-way packs have been upgraded to include the other direction for free.
  • Language packs are on sale for $4.99 until July 22.

Gone are the days of clunky translation books or wandering around lost in a foreign country.  Millions of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users have used Word Lens to read street signs and restaurant menus while traveling abroad and we’re excited to finally bring that experience to Android users.  No network connection needed!

See Word Lens in action:

As always, you can find Word Lens for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch on the Apple App Store or visit our website for more information.  If you have any requests or comments we’d love to hear from you!  Reach us at:

Ciao and happy translating!

The Quest Visual Team

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